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Sustainable housing, energy efficient living

The major advantage of a new-build house is that you’re assured of a sustainable and energy-efficient home. But you also don’t have to worry about maintenance in the years ahead. That saves a lot of money and hassle. In addition, there are various sustainability mortgages for new-build homes, allowing you to borrow more or get an extra discount on your interest rate. So new builds have many advantages!

Sustainable living, sustainable housing

A comfortable home is of course also a sustainable and future-proof home. Especially in these times, it is good to have certainty about energy costs and not to worry about your energy bill. In De Brecht you don’t have to be concerned about this. In fact you will be caring for the environment and for your wallet.

Heat pump & solar panels

Your house in De Brecht is being built gasless. And solar panels will be installed on the roof of the house. You rent the ground-source heat pump and solar panels from InWarmte/InEnergieBreed Projecten B.V. The mechanics install and maintain the system for a fixed monthly fee. You can also purchase the system if you prefer.

Construction is in full swing!

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Low costs

An agreement has been concluded with InWarmte for all the houses in De Brecht.
InWarmte is an energy supplier that supplies sustainable heating and cooling. An agreement has been concluded for 25 years, so you are assured of low costs. For less than €175 per month you have hot water and your home is cooled and heated. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance either, it’s all organized!


To know whether you can afford to purchase a house in De Brecht, you can request a free consultation. This will give you information about your maximum mortgage and associated monthly payments. The Hypotheekshop can help you with this. Get in touch or leave a message via the contact page.

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